Delta Zeta

Pi Kappa

University of Idaho

Sisterhood “Sisterhood” -- it is a word we use a lot in Delta Zeta! To us, “sisterhood” means many things. For example, we us the word sisterhood when we talk about ourselves as a group or family (our sisterhood). You’ll hear the word sisterhood a lot in recruitment. It means so much, yet it is difficult to describe. It’s more of a feeling. Basically, when we talk about sisterhood, we are referring to the bonds we have as friends -- as sisters. A big part of Delta Zeta is continually strengthening our sisterly bonds. Like any relationship, we have to constantly work to maintain and grow our relationships with each other. So we come together as a chapter at least once or twice a month to participate in activities just for us. No boys, no guests. Just sister. We call those activities Sisterhoods. Some of these include:
Manicure nights
End of the year BBQs
Attending football and basketball games as a group
Study parties We need sisterhoods to keep us focused on each other. We spend a lot of time throughout the year focused on others, as we should, or focused on school. Coming together with as sisters throughout the year is one of my favorite parts of being in a sorority. Sisterhoods give us an opportunity to finally talk to that one sister you have not had a chance to get to know yet, and they keep our relationships with each other strong so we stay friends forever. Delta Zeta Love, Erin Salskov
Sisterhood Chairman

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